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Cinderella Man (2005)
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Cinderella Man

Drama, Romance, Sport
144 mins
Cinderella Man is the story of a boxer in the 1920’s who after his retirement has a surprise comeback in order to get him and his family out of a socially poor state. The film is based on the true story of boxer Jim Braddock who was more famously known as Cinderella Man.
Russell Crowe Russell CroweRenée Zellweger Renée Zellweger
Paul Giamatti Paul GiamattiCraig Bierko Craig Bierko
Paddy Considine Paddy ConsidineBruce McGill Bruce McGill
David Huband David HubandConnor Price Connor Price
Ariel Waller Ariel WallerPatrick Louis Patrick Louis
Rosemarie DeWitt Rosemarie DeWittLinda Kash Linda Kash
Nicholas Campbell Nicholas CampbellGene Pyrz Gene Pyrz
Chuck Shamata Chuck Shamata