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Syriana (2005)
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Drama, Action, Thriller, Romance
Everything is connected.
128 mins
This complicated political thriller tells the harrowing story of the oil industry. A CIA agent, an impecunious Pakistani, an expert engineer, and an Arabic Emir; all of whose lives are tied to this black gold tell each of their oil trading stories.
George Clooney George ClooneyMatt Damon Matt Damon
Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey WrightChris Cooper Chris Cooper
Amanda Peet Amanda PeetWilliam Hurt William Hurt
Christopher Plummer Christopher PlummerAlexander Siddig Alexander Siddig
Kayvan Novak Kayvan NovakAmr Waked Amr Waked
Robert Foxworth Robert FoxworthNicky Henson Nicky Henson
Nicholas Art Nicholas ArtSteven Hinkle Steven Hinkle
Daisy Tormé Daisy TorméPeter Gerety Peter Gerety
Richard Lintern Richard LinternMazhar Munir Mazhar Munir
Jocelyn Quivrin Jocelyn QuivrinShahid Ahmed Shahid Ahmed
Bikram Singh Bhamra Bikram Singh BhamraRoger Yuan Roger Yuan
Jamey Sheridan Jamey SheridanMax Minghella Max Minghella
Nadim Sawalha Nadim SawalhaAkbar Kurtha Akbar Kurtha
Sonnell Dadral Sonnell DadralTim Blake Nelson Tim Blake Nelson
Mark Strong Mark StrongBadria Timimi Badria Timimi