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Apocalypto (2006)
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Action, Adventure, Drama, History
When the end comes, not everyone is ready to go
138 mins
Set in the Mayan civilization, when a man's idyllic presence is brutally disrupted by a violent invading force, he is taken on a perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression where a harrowing end awaits him. Through a twist of fate and spurred by the power of his love for his woman and his family he will make a desperate break to return home and to ultimately save his way of life.
Rudy Youngblood Rudy YoungbloodDalia Hernández Dalia Hernández
Jonathan Brewer Jonathan BrewerMorris Birdyellowhead Morris Birdyellowhead
Raoul Trujillo Raoul TrujilloCarlos Emilio Báez Carlos Emilio Báez
Amilcar Ramírez Amilcar RamírezIsrael Contreras Israel Contreras
Israel Ríos Israel RíosEspiridion Acosta Cache Espiridion Acosta Cache
Mayra Serbulo Mayra SerbuloGerardo Taracena Gerardo Taracena
Rodolfo Palacios Rodolfo PalaciosIazua Larios Iazua Larios
Lorena Heranandez Lorena HeranandezItandehui Gutierrez Itandehui Gutierrez
Sayuri Gutierrez Sayuri GutierrezHiram Soto Hiram Soto
José Suárez José SuárezAriel Galvan Ariel Galvan
Bernardo Ruiz Bernardo RuizRicardo Diaz Mendoza Ricardo Diaz Mendoza
Richard Can Richard CanCarlos Ramos Carlos Ramos
Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza Ammel Rodrigo MendozaMarco Antonio Argueta Marco Antonio Argueta
Javier Escobar Javier EscobarFernando Hernandez Fernando Hernandez
María Isabel Díaz María Isabel Díaz
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