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Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
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Once Upon a Time in America

Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime
229 mins
This Mafia film is the greatest and last work from Italian director Sergio Leone. Taking place in 1920 to 1960 America the film follows a group Jewish gangsters from childhood into their glory years of the prohibition and as they reunite in their later years.
Robert De Niro Robert De NiroJames Woods James Woods
Elizabeth McGovern Elizabeth McGovernTuesday Weld Tuesday Weld
Treat Williams Treat WilliamsJames Hayden James Hayden
Joe Pesci Joe PesciLarry Rapp Larry Rapp
Danny Aiello Danny AielloWilliam Forsythe William Forsythe
Burt Young Burt YoungScott Schutzman Tiler Scott Schutzman Tiler
Rusty Jacobs Rusty JacobsAdrian Curran Adrian Curran
Brian Bloom Brian BloomNoah Moazezi Noah Moazezi
Darlanne Fluegel Darlanne FluegelMike Monetti Mike Monetti