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Lost in Translation (2003)
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Lost in Translation

Comedy, Drama, Indie, Romance
Everyone wants to be found.
102 mins
The widely successful sophomore film by Sofia Coppola. Set in Tokyo under the bustling city life and lights, the two main characters from different generations build a surprising friendship on the common bond that they don’t have anything to do while they are in Tokyo. The film is a slow, dreamy and at times hilarious look at a relationship and the big city they move unknowingly.
Bill Murray Bill MurrayScarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson
Anna Faris Anna FarisGiovanni Ribisi Giovanni Ribisi
Akiko Takeshita Akiko TakeshitaKazuyoshi Minamimagoe Kazuyoshi Minamimagoe
Kazuko Shibata Kazuko ShibataTake Take
Fumihiro Hayashi Fumihiro HayashiHiroko Kawasaki Hiroko Kawasaki
Daikon Daikon