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Mary and Max (2009)
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Mary and Max

Animation, Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Indie
80 mins
A tale of friendship between two unlikely pen pals: Mary, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max, a forty-four-year old, severely obese man living in New York.In the mid-1970's, a homely, friendless Australian girl of 8 picks a name out of a Manhattan phone book and writes to him; she includes a chocolate bar. She's Mary Dinkle, the only child of an alcoholic mot Expand
Toni Collette Toni CollettePhilip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman
Eric Bana Eric BanaBarry Humphries Barry Humphries
Bethany Whitmore Bethany WhitmoreRenée Geyer Renée Geyer
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