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Mouth to Mouth (2005)
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Mouth to Mouth

Drama, Foreign, Indie
101 mins
Mouth to Mouth unfolds as Sherry meets the radical street collective SPARK – Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge – while she is living on the streets of Europe. They introduce her to an amazing and radical life as they travel towards the vineyard compound that will be their home. Manipulation abounds and Sherry comes of age realizing that individuality has its costs.
Ellen Page Ellen PageNatasha Wightman Natasha Wightman
Eric Thal Eric ThalAugust Diehl August Diehl
Diana Greenwood Diana GreenwoodBeatrice Brown Beatrice Brown
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos Maxwell McCabe-LokosElliot McCabe-Lokos Elliot McCabe-Lokos
Jefferson Guzman Jefferson GuzmanWilly Rachow Willy Rachow
Christian Näthe Christian NätheJim Sturgess Jim Sturgess
Patrícia Guerreiro Patrícia GuerreiroJoaquim Horta Joaquim Horta
Armin Dillenberger Armin Dillenberger
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