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Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
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Rebel Without a Cause

Jim Stark - a kid from a 'good' family - what makes him tick...like a bomb?
111 mins
The most intimate of Nicholas Ray’s films. About a young troubled youth in a new town. This film embodies what it was like for post-war kids in Middle-America. The kid, played by James Dean in his one of his greatest yet sadly his last performance as he was killed in a car crash before the films release, finds friends, a girl, and shows off with knife fights and racing cars towards cliffs.
James Dean James DeanNatalie Wood Natalie Wood
Sal Mineo Sal MineoAnn Doran Ann Doran
Jim Backus Jim BackusCorey Allen Corey Allen
William Hopper William HopperRochelle Hudson Rochelle Hudson
Dennis Hopper Dennis HopperEdward Platt Edward Platt
Steffi Sidney Steffi SidneyVirginia Brissac Virginia Brissac
Beverly Long Beverly LongIan Wolfe Ian Wolfe
Frank Mazzola Frank MazzolaRobert Foulk Robert Foulk
Jack Simmons Jack SimmonsNick Adams Nick Adams
Jack Grinnage Jack GrinnageClifford Morris Clifford Morris
Marietta Canty Marietta Canty