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Elephant (2003)
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Drama, Horror, Indie
An ordinary high school day. Except that it's not.
81 mins
Elephant is a Gus Van Sant film depicting the story of a high school just before and after a massive shooting. The film is shot in a way that makes the viewer seem like they are there, in the high school, slowly walking around witnessing ever characters story unfold. The film won the Palme d’Or and Best Director at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.
Alex Frost Alex FrostEric Deulen Eric Deulen
John Robinson John RobinsonElias McConnell Elias McConnell
Jordan Taylor Jordan TaylorCarrie Finklea Carrie Finklea
Nicole George Nicole GeorgeBrittany Mountain Brittany Mountain
Alicia Miles Alicia MilesKristen Hicks Kristen Hicks
Bennie Dixon Bennie DixonNathan Tyson Nathan Tyson
Timothy Bottoms Timothy BottomsMatt Malloy Matt Malloy
Chantelle Chriestenson Nelson Chantelle Chriestenson Nelson
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