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Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent D

Brooklyn, New York, USA

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio (born June 30, 1959) is an American actor, film producer, and singer.He first gained attention for his role as Private Leonard 'Gomer Pyle' Lawrence in the war film Full Metal Jacket and more recently for his role as Detective Robert Goren in the crime TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Description above fro Expand

(2011) Kill the Irishman
(2009) Staten Island
(2009) Brooklyn's Finest
(2006) The Break-Up
(2005) Thumbsucker
(2002) The Salton Sea
(2002) Sherlock: Case of Evil
(2002) Chelsea Walls
(2002) Imposter
(2002) The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
(2001) Impostor
(2000) Steal This Movie
(2000) The Cell
(2000) Happy Accidents
(1999) The Thirteenth Floor
(1998) The Newton Boys
(1998) Claire Dolan
(1997) Men In Black
(1996) The Whole Wide World
(1996) Feeling Minnesota
(1995) Stuart Saves His Family
(1995) Strange Days
(1994) Ed Wood
(1991) JFK
(1991) Dying Young
(1991) Naked Tango
(1989) Signs of Life
(1988) Mystic Pizza
(1987) Adventures in Babysitting
(1987) Full Metal Jacket