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I, Vitelloni (1956)
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I, Vitelloni

Drama, Comedy
107 mins
The story concerns a group of five young men, 20-30 years of age, who lay about in the small provincial town of Rimini, drinking, carousing, trolling for women, or talking about the women that they dream about. The film's title, "Vitelloni," means literally "overgrown calves" and fits these men to a tee. They're all single, unemployed, and still live with their mammas. They don't so much have drea Expand
Franco Interlenghi Franco InterlenghiAlberto Sordi Alberto Sordi
Franco Fabrizi Franco FabriziLeopoldo Trieste Leopoldo Trieste
Riccardo Fellini Riccardo FelliniLeonora Ruffo Leonora Ruffo
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