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The Double Life of Veronique (1991)
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The Double Life of Veronique

Drama, Foreign, Indie, Thriller
Each of us is matched somewhere in the world, by our exact double - someone who shares our thoughts and dreams
98 mins
Veronika and Veronique live in different countries and have never met. Nevertheless, one's death is going to change the other's life forever.
Irène Jacob Irène JacobHalina Gryglaszewska Halina Gryglaszewska
Philippe Volter Philippe VolterGuillaume de Tonquedec Guillaume de Tonquedec
Kalina Jedrusik Kalina JedrusikAleksander Bardini Aleksander Bardini
Wladyslaw Kowalski Wladyslaw KowalskiJerzy Gudejko Jerzy Gudejko
Janusz Sterninski Janusz SterninskiSandrine Dumas Sandrine Dumas
Louis Ducreux Louis DucreuxClaude Duneton Claude Duneton
Lorraine Evanoff Lorraine EvanoffGilles Gaston-Dreyfus Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus
Alain Frérot Alain FrérotYoussef Hamid Youssef Hamid
Thierry de Carbonnières Thierry de CarbonnièresChantal Neuwirth Chantal Neuwirth
Nausicaa Rampony Nausicaa RamponyBoguslawa Schubert Boguslawa Schubert
Jacques Potin Jacques Potin
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