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Bed & Board (1970)
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Bed & Board

Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Indie, Romance
94 mins
Bed and Board depicts Christine and Antoine having just gotten married yet things fall apart as they are unfaithful.
Jean-Pierre Léaud Jean-Pierre LéaudClaude Jade Claude Jade
Daniel Ceccaldi Daniel CeccaldiClaire Duhamel Claire Duhamel
Hiroko Berghauer Hiroko BerghauerDaniel Boulanger Daniel Boulanger
Silvana Blasi Silvana BlasiBarbara Laage Barbara Laage
Claude Véga Claude VégaDanièle Girard Danièle Girard
Marie Irakane Marie IrakanePhilippe Léotard Philippe Léotard
François Truffaut François Truffaut
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