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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)
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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Action, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction
He knows if you've been naughty. He knows if you've been nice. And he doesn't give a sh*t.
84 mins
It's the eve of Christmas in northern Finland and an "archeological" dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn't the one you want coming to town. When all the local children begin mysteriously disappearing, young Pietari and his father Rauno, a reindeer hunter by trade, capture the mythological being and attempt to sell Santa to the misguided leader of the multinat Expand
Per Christian Ellefsen Per Christian EllefsenJorma Tommila Jorma Tommila
Tommi Korpela Tommi KorpelaOnni Tommila Onni Tommila
Jonathan Hutchings Jonathan HutchingsRauno Juvonen Rauno Juvonen
Ilmari Järvenpää Ilmari JärvenpääRisto Salmi Risto Salmi
Jens Sivertsen Jens SivertsenSigmund Bøe Sigmund Bøe
Olav Pedersen Olav PedersenNils M. Iselvmo Nils M. Iselvmo
Steinar Skogstad Steinar SkogstadNils Nymo Nils Nymo
Hjalmar Iselvmo Hjalmar IselvmoSteinar Tunes Steinar Tunes
Torgeir Fosberg Torgeir FosbergTor Kvammen Tor Kvammen
Hans Prestbakmo Hans PrestbakmoAlf Roald Pedersen Alf Roald Pedersen
Nikolaj Alsterdal Nikolaj AlsterdalKnut Osa Greger Knut Osa Greger
Kjell Tore Nordli Kjell Tore NordliStein-Erik Olsen Stein-Erik Olsen
Atle Kirkegård Atle KirkegårdHans Lindgård Hans Lindgård
Einar Fagertun Einar FagertunBjørn Pedersen Bjørn Pedersen
Tommy Svendsen Tommy SvendsenPeeter Jakobi Peeter Jakobi
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